What distinguishes Manitic is its desire to combine the knowledge and traditional craftsmanship with modern design.

We want to satisfy the most demanding, delivering both on timeless classics and casual comfort. Therefore we use the best materials and produce our work in Europe only.

Manitic was founded by Martyna Lipińska in 2012. It started from her organic love for handbags. She studied design and chemistry, two disciplines seemingly different that coexist in her art:

“Great design is all about small things coming perfectly together, just like in chemical reaction. It needs precision, knowledge and sensitivity, to create something timeless”.

Never tamed, always beautiful
Wake up and follow.
Into deeper, darker side.
I long for you, I call you.
I’m stretching my skin for you
In the corners of mind
It lingers
The reminiscence after old times
Artifacts of the great masters.
Sacred ashes.
Wake up and look.
So close to you
You can smell it
paint it
light it
break it
and put it up again.
Your way.
I run faster than time
So it can’t catch me.
I never stop
Never age
Don’t cover your eyes
Or I pass you by.