Shop – online shop, operating under domain “manitic.com”

Operator – the owner and administrator of the Shop, i.e. Maf&Co – Martyna Lipińska ul. Abrahama 19/1 81-825 Sopot Poland VAT EU PL5851407891

Client – an individual person or a trader who places an order via the Shop


Orders and delivery

§1. The purchase of the products offered by the Shop will constitute the Client’s familiarity and acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.

§2. The purchase of the products offered in the Shop takes place via the Shop’s website by adding them to the Shopping Cart. In some cases it is necessary to choose the product’s size.

§3. If the Client has a voucher, its number should be entered at the Shopping Cart sub-page.

§4. In order to finalize the order the Client has to go to the Checkout sub-page and fill in a form with his/her shipping address, delivery options and payment options.

§5. After placing an order, the Client immediately receives an email from the Operator with the purchase confirmation and a unique link to the sub-page where he/she will be able to trace the parcel, contact the Operator or complete the Payment procedure.

§6. The payment procedure has to be completed within 3 working days of placing the order. If the Client wishes to delay the Payment deadline, he/she is obliged to inform the Operator about it.

§7. The Shop accepts payments via electronic payment systems offered by “paypal.com” or direct bank transfer.

§8. If the Payment procedure is not completed within 3 working days, the order is cancelled.

§9. The Operator proceeds with fulfillment of the order on the day the Client completes the Payment procedure and the Payment is posted at the Operator’s bank account or the Operator gets a confirmation from the electronic payments system operator.

§10. If the Client purchased more than one product within one Purchase procedure and these products have a different order processing time, the Operator will contact the Client in order to arrange separate delivery to optimize processing speed.

§11. Vouchers entitle the Client to a price reduction for the products offered in the Shop. The vouchers have an expiry date, always stated on the voucher. The price reduction does not apply to postage.

§12. If the Order cannot be fulfilled, or may be delayed, e.g. because the product is out of stock, the Operator is obliged to immediately inform the Client. In such a case, the Client has the right to cancel the Order wholly or partially. The Client is entitled to a full or partial refund (depending on the Client’s decision), which will be sent to him/her within 7 days.

§13. The Operator reserves the right to verify the order additionally by contacting the Client via phone or electronic mail.

§14. The order processing time refers to working days only.

§15. The purchased products will be sent through a delivery company: DHL, UPS to the address entered by the Client while he/she was processing the order.

§16. Shipping cost:

Delivery method Poland (Domestic) Europe/Worldwide
DHL / UPS 5 EUR 25 EUR/ 60 EUR

§17. Expected delivery time is 1-3 working days from the day after posting, for domestic orders and 3-7 working days for European orders. Worldwide delivers should not exceed 30 working days.

§18. Upon receiving the delivery the Client should carefully check the contents of the shipment, the state of the outer packaging and condition of the goods ordered. In case of noticing any damage the Client should prepare a damage report with the courier, in two identical copies signed by the Client and the courier.


Products and Prices

§1. The Shop provides the following information about each product: description, compositions, price, available sizes and order processing time.

§2. All products presented at the website of the Shop are original, brand new, free of flaws and faults, both physical and legal.

§3. The prices presented at the website of the Shop are given in Euro and include VAT.

§4. The Operator reserves the right to change the prices of the products and to conduct and cancel promotions.

§5. All the information published at the website of the Shop does not constitute an offer within the meaning of art. 66 Civil Code; it constitutes an invitation for transaction within the meaning of art. 71 Civil Code.

§6. The Operator reserves the right to withdraw any product from the Shop at any stage of the purchase procedure.

§7. If the product is to be sent outside the EU, a duty may be imposed or any other additional costs legally obligatory in a given country. The Operator is not responsible for these additional costs and has no influence on their amount. The additional costs are never included in the product’s total price. The Client is obliged to settle them him or herself, according to the binding procedures of a given country.



§1. If the ordered product has any manufacturing defects, mechanical damage produced in transport, or it is different from what was described at the website of the Shop, the Client has the right to make a complaint.

§2. Differences in the appearance of the products described at the website of the Shop and those delivered to the Client, which can result from the Client’s computer screen settings or natural flaws of fabrics, do not constitute the basis of a complaint.

§3. In order to make a complaint the Client should fill in a form available at: http://manitic.com/files/reklamacja.pdf

§4. The filled-in form should be sent to the Operator along with a receipt and the product itself. The postage will be refunded to the Client.

§5. The Operator will process the complaint within 14 days valid from receipt of the parcel with the faulty product. If the complaint is considered valid, the Operator will send a defect-free product to the Client- repaired or brand new. If it is impossible to replace to product, e.g. because it is out of stock, the Operator will sent a refund to the Client or a different product, after consultation with the Client.

§6. If the complaint is considered invalid, the product will be sent back to the Client along with a written justification.



§1. The Client has the right to withdraw from the agreement without explanation within 14 calendar days counting from the day of obtaining the product. In such a case, the Client is obliged to fill in the following form: http://manitic.com/files/odstapienie_od_umowy.pdf

§2. The filled-in form should be sent to the Operator along with the unused, odorless and flawless product, having all price labels. The postage will not be refunded to the Client.

§3. The Operator does not accept any parcels sent cash on delivery.

§4. The Operator will sent the refund back to the Client within 14 working days (product price + postage) to the bank account number given by the Client during the purchase procedure.

§5. The Operator reserves the right to refuse to accept product return if the product is damaged, incomplete or has been used.


Personal Data Protection

§1. In accordance to the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws 1997 No. 133 item 833), we inform that personal data of our Clients is stored in the Operator’s database and is treated as confidential and will not be made available to third parties.

§2. Personal Data is stored only for the purpose related to the performance of the purchase agreement, conducting promotion and marketing actions with preservation and respect for personal data safety requirements specified in regulations on personal data protection.

§3. The Client has the right to access his/her personal data, change it or remove it from the database of the Operator.

§4. The Shop uses cookies. Cookies are text files that are stored in the Client’s device. The Cookies are used for the following purposes:

  • to create statistics that help us to understand how Clients use the Shop, which allows us to improve the content and functionality
  • determine a user profile in order to display tailored ads, in particular with the Google services.


Final Provisions

§1. All contents of the website, such as: product descriptions, trademarks and photos of products, presented on the website of the Shop belong to the Operator and his partners. Copying, distributing or using them for any kind of purpose without the owner’s written agreement is strictly forbidden.

§2. The Operator reserves the right to introduce changes to these Terms & Conditions at any time. All amendments are applicable from the moment they are Publisher at the website of the Shop.

§3. All matters not covered by these Terms & Conditions are referred to the regulations of the Civil Code, the Protection of Certain Consumer’s Rights Act and the Liability for Damage Caused by Dangerous Products Act of 31 March 2000 (Journal of laws No. 22 item. 271).

§4. The Polish law shall be the law governing obligations between the Client and the Shop and all disputes between the Parties shall be resolved by a court relevant to the Client.

§5. Using the service provided by the Shop, especially making an order, constitutes Client’s acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.


Terms and conditions for the use of our website and material contained there within

§1. Graphic material, in particular photographs, texts, video clips as well as any other written information or multimedia material located on the www.manitic.com website are the sole property of Maf&Co-Martyna Lipińska with its headquarters in Sopot, who is the owner of the Manitic trademark. Any unauthorized usage of this material is prohibited.

§2. The prohibition outlined in §1 does not apply to representatives of the media, including bloggers or private individuals, so long as the purpose of usage is to promote the Manitic brand and products, with correct signing in addition to (where possible) the inclusion of a link to the source website. In case of doubt, please contact: info@manitic.com


Last revised on: 10.03.2016